Become a VTC driver: the steps to follow

VTC driver

Do you want to become a VTC driver? You must go through several steps to be legally authorized to drive a VTC. Details in the following lines.

Apply for a VTC card

A VTC or transport car with driver is a type of vehicle intended for private transport , including, among other things, various comfort elements. Determine in advance all the high-tech accessories you need to offer a better transport experience to your customers. However, to become a VTC driver, you must first have the authorization to practice this profession.

The first step you need to take is to apply for a VTC card . It must be sent to the prefecture where you are domiciled. This procedure is done by mail, online or directly at the premises of the prefecture. In reality, everything depends on the methods put in place by this administrative district.

administrative paperAs attachments to this application, you must provide, among other things, proof of address (residence certificate, electricity bill, etc.), your identity card , your driving license (B) still valid and having more than 3 years of seniority.

Other documents are also necessary, in particular a certificate of physical aptitude for the transport of people which can be a medical certificate obtained from an approved doctor and in the list of the prefecture.

In addition, if you have not yet had experience of transporting people, you must pass a test , in this case a VTC exam . Moreover, since January 1, 2016, it is mandatory.

This VTC exam is an accelerated training course that takes place over a day, or even 4 hours. The candidate is subjected to multiple choice questions (MCQ) in the first part and then must answer open questions in the second part. Topics include road safety, business management and passenger transport rules.

Create your ride-hailing business

This step only concerns you if you choose to be a freelancer. You must therefore create a legal structure . As a sole proprietorship, you may or may not follow the micro-enterprise regime, or you may adopt the status of single-member commercial company .

If you are looking for simplicity, choose the micro-enterprise regime , which imposes the status of auto-entrepreneur on you . However, you cannot exceed an annual turnover excluding tax of 70,000 euros. Beyond this threshold, you must switch to the ordinary sole proprietorship system with a less advantageous social and tax plan.

By opting for one of the SASU or EURL statuses , you are faced with complicated accounting and legal procedures. However, your operating expenses (price of the car, fuel, insurance, etc.) are deducted from your turnover .

Register in the VTC register

It is important to finalize the process by registering in the VTC register. After you have set up your business, you must do so for you to obtain your VTC license .

The procedure must be accompanied by your professional civil liability insurance , a Kbis extract , your VTC card and the gray card of your car. You must also provide 170 euros for registration fees in the register.

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