How to properly prepare for your motorcycle trip?

motorcycle trip

A motorcycle road trip is to be organized at least once in a lifetime. Traveling the roads on two wheels is an adventure to discover landscapes and places in a different way. However, a motorcycle trip cannot be improvised. It requires a minimum of preparation, both in terms of clothing and equipment and in terms of the machine, not to mention the essential administrative formalities. Find all the advice to calmly prepare a motorcycle road trip.

Dress and equip yourself for the occasion

Riding a motorcycle involves wearing specific clothing and equipment. Wearing a full-face helmet is one of the essentials for safe travel. It is a real protection against noise, wind, insects and other flying particles.

If you are particularly sensitive to noise, consider adding noise-canceling plugs that reduce the decibels considerably. You should know that a harmless noise can become a real source of fatigue when it lasts for several kilometres.

Adopting heated motorcycle gloves is recommended to protect yourself from the cold, especially when traveling in winter. In addition to the safety of the motorcyclist, these gloves also ensure optimal comfort throughout the journey. Also remember to put on comfortable boots as well as overgloves and overboots in case of rain.

As far as clothing is concerned, the wearing of reinforced trousers specially dedicated to motorcycle riding is compulsory. There are also specially dedicated suits for this purpose, as well as suitable jackets and blousons .

Finally, bring small useful accessories such as a water bottle to properly hydrate and wipes to clean the helmet screen. Above all, don’t forget to equip your motorcycle with a high-performance anti-theft system .

Preparing the motorcycle

prepare motorcycleFor a hassle-free motorcycle trip, seriously think about preparing the vehicle by having it serviced before departure . As it is a long journey, it is essential to minimize the risks by entrusting your machine to a professional. Important points to check are tire pressure and condition, brake and coolant fluid levels, chain or belt tension. It is also important to check the condition of the battery to ensure good voltage throughout the roadtrip. The condition of the brakes, in particular that of the brake pads, must be within the standards before leaving.

At the time of departure, the motorcycle must be loaded correctly to avoid the risk of an accident. First of all, remember to check the maximum load capacity listed on the vehicle registration document. It must be strictly respected at the risk of causing damage and being refused by the insurer. It is possible to increase the loading capacities of a two-wheeler by installing flexible cast irons , provided that these are waterproof. You should know that the luggage racks and mounting kits for motorcycles also have a loading limit that must be respected.

When it’s time to load your luggage, be sure to place the heavier ones towards the bike’s center of gravity . Items that are bulky but still light are ideally placed at the rear on the luggage rack. When everything is installed and the fasteners are checked, test drive the bike to make sure your ride is comfortable despite the loads. Finally, consider doing a tire pressure check to confirm that they are supporting all that weight.

Take care of the administrative formalities

To be able to go on a motorcycle trip, you must also take care of the administrative formalities of all kinds, namely the validity of your license in the countries of destination. To find out, you have to check with the embassy concerned. Then, check on your green card that these countries where you will go do not have their abbreviation crossed out. If this is the case, you should contact your insurer. Moreover, contacting your insurance is always essential to find out about the coverage options available to you.

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