LED portable light in your car

1,536 ViewsAn LED portable lamp is not a classic torch like all the others, but it has the advantage of having its own battery, in the case of a rechargeable model. In addition, it is equipped with LEDs which offer greater autonomy and therefore a longer duration of use thanContinue Reading

24 h motos du mans for 2020

997 ViewsThe town of Le Mans, in the department of Sarthe, is once again making waves through the city’s most famous motorcycle race. This is the 24 hour motorcycle race at Le Mans. Like the epic Le Mans 24 hour race, the two-wheel race is as old as it sounds.Continue Reading

car agent

911 ViewsSource of pleasure, buying a car is always a good investment. There is more than one way to find the vehicle of your dreams: auto agent, dealership, auction, Internet… However, the first alternative turns out to be the most appropriate solution when you are demanding on quality. Also, thisContinue Reading

deductible covered

737 ViewsAll vehicle drivers must collaborate with an insurance company in order to cover the costs in the event of damage. Depending on the type of contract chosen by the customer, it is possible to benefit from support for windshield repairs. In this case, the driver must still pay theContinue Reading

motorcycle trip

662 ViewsA motorcycle road trip is to be organized at least once in a lifetime. Traveling the roads on two wheels is an adventure to discover landscapes and places in a different way. However, a motorcycle trip cannot be improvised. It requires a minimum of preparation, both in terms ofContinue Reading

VTC driver

1,007 ViewsDo you want to become a VTC driver? You must go through several steps to be legally authorized to drive a VTC. Details in the following lines. Apply for a VTC card A VTC or transport car with driver is a type of vehicle intended for private transport ,Continue Reading

parcel taxi driver

949 ViewsParcel transport is part of the field of transport and logistics. Becoming a parcel taxi driver is currently one of the ambitions of young people living in France. Some do it for extra income, others for a career. Have you also planned to become a delivery driver? So you’reContinue Reading